Trans-Atlantic cruise, August-Sept. 2001

This cruise took us from Southhampton to New York via Le Havre, Falmouth, Dublin, Glasgow,
Reykjavik, Prins Christian sund (Greenland), Qaqortoq, and St. John's NF.

We boarded the Royal Princess on August 27.

We were not alone leaving Southhampton. This barge is loaded with pleasure yachts to be moved to warmer waters. 
Next stop: Le Havre, France where we visited Honfleur, the port Samuel de Champlain sailed from, in 1608,  to establish Quebec city.
No SUVs in France!!!!

 Next stop, Falmouth UK where we visited the Eden project. 
                We passed this wind farm on the way. 
The Eden project present the flora from different parts of the world in two large biomes. The one on the left has a tropical climate. The one on the right a moderate climate.
                                Inside the tropical dome. 
Another view inside the dome. 

 But soon, we had to head back to the ship and sail to Dublin where we had a relaxing day,
walking downtown, drinking and eating. The next day, we stopped  Scotland, on the way to Iceland.