Trans-Atlantic cruise August-Sept. 2001

The ship actually moored at Greenock (close to Glasgow).
From there we took a tour to Edinburgh and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

          The promenade deck from Britannia.

The date is actually August 31. I had not noticed the wrong  date on my camera.

Victoria (not the queen) on the aft deck.


Edinburgh Castle
 Tonight's formal. Better get ready.

Leaving Scotland, we had a day at sea, on the way to Reykjavik (Iceland).
Downtown Reykjavik.

iceland hot water pool
Much of  Iceland's energy comes from geothermal sources.
A by-product are the hot water pools.  We had to try that!
Us in pool
With this landscape, it's no wonder they practised the moon landing in Iceland.
More of the Blue Lagoon pools.
A geothermal  power plant is in the background.

Leaving Reykjavik, we had a day at sea before the highlight of the cruise, Greenland .