2003 South America cruise.


 This cruise took us from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Santiago (Chile).

After 20 hours travel, we were glad to have a good night's rest at the Buenos Aires Sheraton
The next morning, we had a look at the city. Beautiful parks, interesting architecture and wide boulevards. One of the interesting buildings is the "Theatro Colon", the oldest theater in Argentina.
Theatro Colon
Our hotel was next to Plaza San Martin , home of the monument to the fallen soldiers that defended (Argentina version) the  Malvinas islands (Falklands).

Plaza San Martin
The first stop on the cruise was Montevideo (Uruguay).
The downtown area has intriguing early 20th century architecture, such as the Salvo Palace (early 1920s).
Salvo Palace
Second stop, Puerto Madryn (Argentina) where we visited a sheep farm and a Sea lions sanctuary.
While having lunch at the farm, a Guanaco visited us.

sea lion sanctuary (viewed from the observation point)
Sea lions

Next, to the Falklands (Malvinas)