Sunbird Mediterranean cruise, 2002
The Sunbird was the first ship we cruised on (then the RCCL "Song of America")
It was nice to see how well she  has been maintained all these years.
After an overnight flight to Palma (Mallorca) and a first day at sea, we were ready to explore Naples (Italy).
In the morning, we took a tour of Pompeii (this Roman town was covered by volcanic ash in 79 AD).

Pompeii street
The stones at the bottom are for pedestrians to cross
without having to step in the street.
Roman house
Houses had a central courtyard with a pool.
Rain water was collected from the roof.
Rooms are around the courtyard with decorated walls.
Local bakery.
The apparatus you see are grinding tools for flour making.
Pompeii artifacts  
Artifacts from Pompeii. Most people died from gases.
Their body was then covered by ashes. When excavating,
if a hole was found, it would be fill with plaster. This hardened
to the body shape with the skeleton inside. 
Italians claim pizza was invented in Naples,
So we had to find out how good they are?

We were not disappointed.

But it's time to get back to the ship and head for Sicily...