Messina (Sicily) and Valletta (Malta)
Originally a Greek theatre (3rd century BC), the Taormina site is
impressive, high on the mountain. It was expanded by the Romans
and remains in active use.
Taormina Theatre
View from atop the theatre.
Sicily coast
The small peninsula (first one following the shore), was
recently created by a lava flow from Mount Etna.
Valetta harbor from the city walls. Very active during WW II, due to
it's location (midway between Sicily and Africa), the island of Malta
as had civilization since 12,000 BC.
Few of the many cats in the Barracca gardens.
cats 1

cats 2
Back on the ship, we exchanged day's stories with out table mates.
Table mates
Photo courtesy of  Janna and Norm Tendall