The Cats and Us !

Gilles with Manouche, Vicki with Lucie, Minuit

July, 2007


Mommy, who really is a mommy, was found around our marina in the summer of 2008. She had two kittens and from all reports took very good care of them. The kittens were adopted by some other people, and we brought Mommy home in November, 2008. We think she was only 1 year old then.

Momo, our formerly feral cat, whom we coaxed to move with us in November 2018. We think he was born in 2017. He is a sweet cat and has adapted to domestic life very well. He does not show any interest in going outside in the winter. After spending one winter outside, he knows that inside is better! However, seeing us outside in the summer, he decided to follow us. He then discovered he could use his door to come and go as he wishes.

In Loving Memory



June,1979 - October 23,1989


July,1989 - February 24, 2005


July,1989 - June 16,2008


1997 - Nov.1, 2017

Lucie(aka the "Princess")

2002 - May 23, 2020

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